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Being With Me Will Help You Learn by Thomas McColl

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In Being With Me Will Help You Learn Thomas McColl uses poetry and short fiction to guide the reader through the murky streets of time and space to find what lives inside our being. McColl uses his experiences pounding the streets of today to show you what could be, if you choose to live in ignorance of the world around you, and where you can go if you sit up, listen, and take heed of those who have been there already.

Praise for Being With Me Will Help You Learn:

“Consummate artistry…These poems with their ironic commentary on the modern world need to be read aloud. I hope that like me you will feel you have been reading the work of a poet who enjoys his craft and wants you to enjoy it too.” Peter Day, Iota

“There is something quite absurd, eerie but also at times humorous about Thomas McColl’s writing.” Alice Lenkiewicz, Neon Highway

“Thomas McColl’s lovely poem, ‘Muslim Girl at the Bus Stop’, leaves me wanting more.” Debjani Chatterjee MBE, Writing in Education

“Accessible, sometimes humorous poems, exploring the poet’s personal obsessions…an enjoyable read, there are some poignant observations underneath the light-hearted tone.”
Catherine Smith, The Frogmore Papers

Extract from the book:
Poem: Muslim Girl at the Bus Stop

Muslim girl at the bus stop,
wearing hijab and headphones,

full length skirt and colourful top,
respecting Allah and listening to hip-hop,

the fingers of her left hand
click to the beat of the tune,

the fingers of her right hand
adjust the veil, keep it in place,

covering her hair
and perfectly framing her beautiful face.